Re: Report out on B757 crash off Dominican Rep. ?

From:         Jop Vlaskamp <>
Date:         27 Jun 96 12:42:08 
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At 12:24 24-06-96, you wrote:

>AvLeak (I don't remember which issue) had an article on the cockpit voice
>recorder contents.  It appears that the Captain's airspeed indicator was
>inop, discovered during the takeoff roll.

Peter Ladkin has a homepage discussing aircraft accidents which have to do
with computers/avionics/automation/etc. There is also a lot of information
on the Birgenair crash:
- The CVR transcript
- The B757 Air Data System (excepted from the 757 AOM), including the pitot
static schematic.
- Comments and observations on the crash.
- Press releases

The CVR transcript can be accessed at:

Daan Vlaskamp
The Netherlands