Re: FYI, B757 crash at Bermuda.

From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         27 Jun 96 12:42:08 
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In article <airliners.1996.1052@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Ahmet M. Cakmakci) writes:
>FYI, following is a press release from the Turkish Embassy in Washington
>DC. I found it at It is not copyrighted, please feel
>free to redistribute.
>Personally, I feel strongly that Birgenair should sue the German Goverment
>for the premature early negative press exposure.

Well, Turkish propaganda aside (protecting the reputation of their charter
carrier), I don't see any indication of why they didn't just set power
and fly a pitch setting by the ADI, while they figured out the conflicting
airspeed indications.  But what do I know.

The investigation is not over.  Let's save the whitewashing for later, eh?
In cases like this, nobody's blameless, and the only people getting sued
will likely be both Boeing and the airline, since they're always the
organizations that get sued after a crash.

Robert Dorsett                         Moderator, sci.aeronautics.simulation