Re: Am West "Arizona Diamondbacks" 757?

From: (Scott D. Morris)
Organization: Scott D. Morris Enterprises - (yeah right!)
Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:55 
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In article <airliners.1996.844@ohare.Chicago.COM>, you were to
have said...
>Maybe this is "old" news but I just saw an America West 757 in "Arizona
>Diamondbacks" colors at PHX.  Is this new or has it been around a while?
>How many "special" 757's does HP have now?  I know there is the Phoenix
>Suns, Arizona, Nevada, and Ohio flags, any others I've missed?

Yepperz I know of another one. The "teamwork" one which is copied from a
painting one of the kids of an HP employee did. It was to celebrate the
carrier's emergence from bankruptcy. Problem is you can TELL it's the artwork
of a child, it's pretty tacky...


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