Three questions.

From:         Peter Smooker <>
Organization: Monash University
Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:53 
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I took the kids to Tullamarine airport (Melbourne Australia) today to
watch the northerly takeoffs and landings- there is an ideal viewing spot
along the north-south runway. There were three interesting incidents,
which I would like to ask the experts about.
1. A Singapore airlines A340 moved onto the runway and took off, as an
Ansett 727 was approaching. The 727 had to abort and go around. Is this a
mistake by AirTraffic control, does it happen often and how annoyed would
the 727 crew have been?
2. A Qantas 747-400 started its takeoff run and then stopped, moved off
the runway and stopping and starting a few times (ie: winding up
the engines) before moving into the queue again and taking off normally.
What could have been the problem?
3. An Evergreen cargo 747 (200?) was about to take off. There was
substantial vapour coming from the left wingtip. It took off and the
vapour increased. After takeoff vapour was coming from the right hand
wingtip as well, obscuring the plane. Was this fuel, and if so, is it not
dangerous? Why was it being released?

Thanks for the explanations