Vortex generators on engine nacells?

From:         maury@softarc.com (Maury S. Markowitz)
Organization: SoftArc Inc.
Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:53 
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  I just took my first ride in a 737-400 (I'm typically flying longer
flights on larger planes) and noticed what appears to be a two-hand sized
fin on the fuselage side of the engine.  This sticks upward at about 45
degrees, and was generating a rather noticeable vortex (visible as well
passed through some humid layers on takeoff).

  I later took a tour of the airport (the new Denver abomination) and
noticed a similar fin on a number of planes, including DC-10's and 767's.
What is the purpose of these?

  E-mail if you have a reply, my newsreader doesn't get this group.