Re: FedEx 727 order/MD-10 study

From: (Russell K Ching)
Organization: California State University Sacramento
Date:         25 Jan 96 00:55:00 
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BBost0325 ( wrote:
: FedEx is also rumored to be studying, along with MDC, a 2-man cockpit
: conversion of their DC-10 fleet (dubbed the 'MD-10').  The goal of these
: conversions is to make the DC-10 look and feel like an MD-11.  Any
: thoughts from anybody on this?  As old as their DC-10s are getting (20+),
: it seems investing in MD-11s might be more economical.  Comments?

MDC and American were studying the feasibility of performing such an
upgrade 4-5 years ago.  Evidently, it was too expensive, especially on
aircraft that would have been +20 years old (by the time the upgrade was
completed).  However, with many used DC-10-10s and -30s on the market, it
(i.e., buying a used aircraft, and converting and upgrading it) might be
cheaper than buying a new MD-11 at about $100 million.