Re: What happened to STOL ?(was What happened to the BA146)

From: (Alan Browne)
Organization: Canadian Marconi Company
Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:53 
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>The DHC-7 aimed at a merket which never really materialized.
>In the early 1970s 'STOLports' were supposedly going to be the
>future of air travel. AFAIK only two were purposely built, LCY
>and one in Montreal.
>The Montreal experiment faded after a year or so, and LCY has been
>expanded to a 'real' airport.

AFAIK, the only aircraft to "sched" out of the Montreal STOL port were
Twin-Otters (DHC-6).  The run was from the old remote parking lot for the
1967 World's Fair in Montreal to Ottawa's ( ... ) airport (an old air force
field near the river, which is now a private field.  (Also has Canada's
Aeronautical collection in a new modern museum...well worth the visit!)

I remember a lot of the "hype" about the DHC-7 and MLS permitting taxiway
landings and take offs, thereby freeing up runways for larger aircraft...I
don't remember if this actually became a practice anywhere (with or without

Alan Browne.