Re: B757. Maximum seating?

From: (Darren Rhodes)
Organization: Loughborough University
Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:52 
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>> >It has surprised a lot of readers in the various aviation newsgroups
>> >that the B757 on charter flights from the UK are configured for 235
>> >pax.
>> Boeing literature shows a maximum of 231 seats for the 757-200, with
>> 28-/29-/30-inch seat pitch, but Britannia is indeed listed as packing
>> 235 seats into a 757-200.
>Is this practice blessed by Civil Aviation Safety bodies? Would they
>get away with this in the USA?

The Boeing 757 is certified by the FAA/JAA/CAA for a maximum of 239 seats, so
the answer is yes!

>> >Are BY alone in this sardine tin config? is it commom elsewhere?

>> The only other examples of such sardine configurations were all in the
>> UK -- Monarch also has them with 235 seats, while Air 200, Airtours
>> International, and Caledonian (leased from British Airways) all have
>> 757s with 233 seats.  The Brits must be real gluttons for punishment!
>What,s the choice? If you refuse to fly them, then you dont get to go.
>Combine this with horrendous nightflights arriving in the early hours
>of the morning and you can see just how brutal it is.
>I remember a group of Germans studying the Brits return flights at my hotel.
>They were doubled over with laughter at the time of the return flights!
>They along with other continentals absolutely refuse to fly at night.
>Perhaps the Brits are well disciplined or totally beaten into submission.

I think most other UK charter operators (Monarch, Air 2000, Caladonian,
Airotours) use a similar layout. In general most of these operators fly sub 5
hour routes on tourist holidays to Spain and Greece where a low price for the
holiday means more than comfort on the flight. Similar seat picthes are used
on other aircraft in their fleets (737, MD-83, A320). A few years ago I few on
a Dan Air B727 which was kitted out for the maximum 189 seats. The seat pitch
looked and felt like it was around 30 inches.

It's also worth noting that over the past few years there has been a
gradual change in the popular tourist resorts for UK holiday makers.
Previously the most popular were Spain and Greece (<4 hours from UK). However,
many operators now use the extra range of the 757 (cf. 737) to operate flights
to Florida.

The reason for the late night flights is due the pricing policy of tourist
holidays in the UK. You pay for the basic holiday and flight (2 weeks in Spain
is around 400-500 ukp), and then you pay a surcharge per person depending on
the airport and time of flight. These surcharges vary from zero up to 80ukp.
Night flights have low surcharges to entice people to use these flights and
increase aircraft utilisation. Many UK operators achieve the highest
utilisations for their in Europe. Similarly flight to more smaller regional
airports have higher surcharges.

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