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Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:51 
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>First, Delta Shuttle's 727s are NOT ex-Trump.  The USAir Shuttle has the
>ex-Trump (ex-Eastern) 727s.  Delta took over the Pan Am Shuttle.  This
>came with some 727s, but most were leased and, I think, have since been
>returned.  The 727s I see on the Shuttle runs these days are all from
>Delta's own orders.

This surprised me but I looked it up and, sure enough, Delta has five
of their own, bought new from Boeing, 727-232 Advanceds dedicated to
Shuttle service.  They started the Shuttle in August, 1991, using
nine 727-227(A) [Braniff] and one 727-243(A) [Alitalia] leased from
Continental, all transfered over from the Pan Am Shuttle fleet, which
had a few other 727s which were not transferred.  These appear to have
lasted about 1.5 to 2 years before being replaced with Delta's own

The next month, DL picked up a handful of ex-Eastern 727-225(A)s.  At
a glance, this might lead to some confusion with the Trump/Eastern
Shuttle, but it's just coincidence as they never had anything to do
with the Pan Am or Delta Shuttle.  Last year only five of these were
left and they may be all gone now too.

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