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Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:51 
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In article <airliners.1996.969@ohare.Chicago.COM> Steve Lacker <> writes:

>certainly doesn't seem to have happened (a good thing IMHO). In fact, I only
>encountered about 3 Delta MD-11's on the ground at the various airports I've
>hit recently (DFW, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, Cincinnati, Logan,
>National and a few others).

Delta mainly uses the MD-11s on transatlantic routes.  I'm surprised that
you saw one in Logan -- I've never seen one there.


>What is Delta's actual fleet strategy for the next few years? Are they still
>buying 757's or not? What will they replace the L-1011's with, if not the

Delta recently announced a purchase of aircraft which included, IIRC, both
757s and 767-300s.  Delta will use the 767-300s on overseas routes, replacing
L-1011s.  These overseas L-1011s will then replace high-time domestic L-1011s,
which will be retired.  As has been noted in this group, however, the overseas
L-1011s are significantly smaller than the domestic L-1011s.  This could
cause some problems for routes where they are already filling domestic
L-1011s and have little ability to add more flights.


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