Turbopro near-instantaneous power (Waterbombers)

From:         Harvey Schmiddlapp XVMIII <zoo@animal.zoo>
Organization: Arizona Daily Star - AZSTARNET
Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:49 
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On a turboprop, like the C-130, the engine spins at approximately 13000
RPM while the prop spins at approximately 1100. When the pilot advances
the power, the angle of the prop blades to the airstream change to and
essentially add lift in the forward direction. The engine as the prop
pulls more power, it signals the fuel system to increase the fuel, thus
the power to substain the 1100 RPM and additional thrust.  The near
instantaneous transition from low thust to high thrust is made possible
by the torque generated by the turbines spinning at 13000 RPM.  In other
words, the turbines act as a flywheel, storing energy.