Oscillation during flight

From:         Bill Hensley <Bill_Hensley@smtp.rc.trw.com>
Organization: TRW Oklahoma City Engineering Office
Date:         24 Jun 96 12:24:49 
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Hi, during a recent ATL-DFW flight, the 727-223 I was riding began a series
of oscillations of increasing size.  The first was about 2-3 degrees and the
10th was about 15-20 degrees.  I am a bit uncertain of the exact values as
I had no way of precisely measuring the activity.  A second set of oscillations
of lesser intensity and duration occurred about 2 minutes later.  I was sitting
in the very back of the aircraft during this event.  No wx was nearby,
although you sould see some TCU off in the distance to the north.  This
occurred about 45 min after takeoff, somewhere over MS/AL.  The ride was
totally smooth otherwise.

I have been riding as a passenger literally hundreds of thousands of miles,
through some truly crappy wx and two IFEs, including a slide ride from a
747-200.  I've never been in an aircraft that has done this.  It was a bit
disconcerting.  Question I have is can anyone give me a good explanation?
I tried to talk to the flight crew but they were gone from the cockpit by
the time I got to the front after arrival.  A veteran flight attendent
on the flight said that she hadn't ever felt anything like it either.  My
only thoughts were some strange atmospheric waves or even a temporary
CG problem with the aircraft.


Bill Hensley
TRW Oklahoma City Engineering Office


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