Re: B757 "Heavy Jet"?

From:         gsmoff@Mcs.Net (Gary S. Moffitt)
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Date:         24 Jun 96 00:42:04 
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>     Hello I was wondering if someone can help me understanding why the
> FAA decreed the 757 as a Heavy Jet.

The term "heavy jet" is not strictly defined by wieght, is is a generic
term used to define wide bodies in general, which the 757 is not.
However, it has been determined that the 757 produces extreme wake
turbulence that is more like the wake turbulence from a wide body than a
narrow body. Therefore the FAA has called the 757 a heavy jet so that
controllers will maintain a greater degree of separation between the 757
and other aircraft and to warn other smaller and  general aviation
aircraft operating in its vicinity of wake turbulence danger.

Gary S. Moffitt