First B777 Accident in HKG

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Date:         24 Jun 96 00:42:01 
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Dear everybody in sci.aeronautics.airliners,

The first B777 accident happened this afternoon (HKG time) at about 1420
in Hongkong International Airport.

A Cathay Pacific B777-200 aircraft, registered as VR-HND, was due to arrive
Hongkong from Bangkok.  Flight No. CX706 was about to land at about 1420
(HKG time).  After it had touched down, the pilot found out that the Fire
Alarm Alert System of the Forward Frieght is ON.  Pilot then asked all
the passengers to leave the cabin immediately.  A number of passengers
were injured when they escaped out of the aircraft.

After inspection by the Fire Services of Hongkong, it is believed that
there is no fire occured in the cargo.  It is believed that this accident
was only due to the over-sensitive of the Alarm Alert System.  This was
the first B777 accident.  The CX spokesman said that it may due to the
high humidty of the cargo, which are mostly fresh vegatables and fruits
from Thailand.

A number of flights were delayed due to the accident.  The aircraft was
then towed to the nearby bay in order to let the airport continue its

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from HKG