Re: Update Fukuoka

From: (Onat Ahmet)
Organization: Dept. of Electr., Kyoto Univ., Japan
Date:         22 Jun 96 18:30:39 
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 In's opinion;

: Hello again,
: Latest news from here.
: There was an uncontained failure of number three (starboard) engine which
: resulted in damage to the number two engine probably from ejected fragments.

According to reports, the hole in No2 engine's cowling is not thought
to be related to the accident. The broken landing gear seems to
have crashed into the engine cowling and caused the damage.
This engine is believed to have functioned properly. There was no
internal damage to the engine itself; only the intake duct.
(BTW, it was the first time I saw a man near the tail engine so
that I could compare the size. It was BIG!)

The reason for the crash is currently thought to be failure of the
No3 engine  due to fire, and pilot error in handling that...

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