Re: 747 forced ocean landings -- survival odds

From: (Sean Namazi)
Organization: Cascade Design Automation, Bellevue, WA
Date:         03 Jan 95 01:40:40 
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In article <airliners.1994.1794@ohare.Chicago.COM> Albert Thomas Bozzo <> writes:
>In one, a JAL DC-8 landed well short (miles) of SFO. The 
>circumstances of the landing notwithstanding, the aircraft stopped in one 
>piece and settled into mud. The aircraft was not in danger of sinking per 
>se and was evacuated because of leaking fuel. The aircraft was extracted 
>from the mud, found to be in good condition despite over two days of salt 
>water immersion, and was repaired and returned to service, as I recall.

It was my understanding that The China Air 747-400 which ran out of 
runway in Hong Kong (Kaitak?) and ended in the bay was declared 
totalled due to immersion in salt water, despite being in very good 
shape otherwise.  So my question is: what was really different in 
the case of the JAL incident at SFO?  Also, what are the deciding
factors in such cases?

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