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Date:         01 Feb 95 02:16:21 
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Katie Schwarz <> wrote:
>I read a story set in the present where someone takes a Lockheed
>Constellation from London to New York. This is a huge anachronism,
>right? How long has it been since any Constellations were in service?

What do you mean by 'in service'?  Certainly no U.S./European airlines use 
Constellations, but there are at least a couple still flying, and perhaps 
the people in the story chartered a Connie for that glamorous feel of 
yesteryear (although it would take quite a bit longer to go from London 
to New York in one than in a 747)!  

You can even fly a Constellation yourself through a course which I 
believe is offered in Arizona, but I forget the name of the company or 
people who run it.  

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