Re: Airbus - fly by wire

Organization: Vienna, Austria
Date:         08 Jul 95 15:01:50 
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> writes:
>  The facts speak loudly:
>  	- most pilots flying the A320 et al, can't wait to return to
>  	  'normal' aircraft.

I never met any A320 pilot who "couldn't wait to return to 'normal' aircraft".

>  	- from the first A320 flight, things have gone sque-if, if you
>  	  can recall the first public A320 flight crashed. Airbus
>  	  blamed the pilot, who ended up flying in outback Australia,
>  	  speaking with him the first flight experienced 'unexplained
>  	  phernomina'

The first public A320 flight did not crash.

Capt. Peter Gugerell
Austrian Airlines