Re: Lauda Air Boeing Disaster 1991 - Causes?

Organization: Vienna, Austria
Date:         08 Jul 95 15:01:50 
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>   "E.A. Singh" <> writes:
>  Hi there,
>  Can anybody enlighten me on the cause of the Lauda Air Boeing Crash in
>  Where can I obtain futher information regarding the cause of this
>  accident. I believe that one of the reversers deployed shortly after
>  takeoff, but as far as my limited knowledge of aerodynamics is concerned
>  I have been led to believe that accidental reverser deployment does not
>  lead to fatal consequences in most cases.

Tha aircraft crashed because of the deployment of one reverser
during climb, 15 minutes after takeoff.
Wind tunnel test showed, that this aircraft type goes out of
control when one reverser deploys during climb or cruise.
The aircraft had a bad history of reverser malfunctions. Anyhow,
the exact cause for the deployment was never established.

Capt. Peter Gugerell