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Date:         07 Jul 95 14:38:58 
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>Can someone help me out?  I need basic info on the per passenger fuel
>effiency of the B777.  Average MPG per passenger (based on average %
>capacity) is what I'm looking for

>From the latest Airways, which has a lengthy article on the 777:

    A market:	450 lbs (204 kg) per seat (328 seats, 4,000 nm trip)
    B market:	380 lbs (172 kg) per seat (305 seats, 4,000 nm trip)

That's 147,600 lbs of fuel total.  United only puts 293 seats on a
777, and load factor numbers won't be available for a while, and that
distance is longer than anything the 777 is currently flying (4,000 nm
is roughly DEN-LHR; longest right now is ORD-FRA at about 3,773 nm),
so it's hard to come up with a real answer.  Guessing a 75% load and
assuming the same fuel/mile figures (dumb, but simple) gives 634 lbs
per passenger or about 94.5 gallons; dividing that into 4,342 miles
gives a figure of 45.9 MPG per passenger.

>along with the same data for the most common other airliners.

This has come up in this newsgroup in the past; check out the archives
at  More complete (and current) raw data is published in
Aviation Daily, which you should be able to find at a good library.

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