From: (Andrew Boyd)
Organization: QNX Software Systems
Date:         07 Jul 95 14:26:28 
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Pete Mellor  <> wrote:

>I can state quite categorically that no *fatal* crash of an A320 due
>a computer aborted take-off has ever occurred. If a lesser incident
>has happened due to such a cause, I would be most interested to hear
>about it, but I would be extremely surprised if anything serious enough
>to be described as a "crash" has ever happened ...

A friend of mine flies A310s for the military.  He says that 95% of
the time, you sit there and watch it fly the a/c.  The other 5% of
the time, you stop it from doing something wrong :(

According to him, the recent airbus crash in romania was another
stupid computer trick ... apparently, in a left climbing turn,
thrust was reduced (probably for noise abatement) and the right
throttle stuck open.  So, the airbus computer helpfully reduced
the thrust on the left engine to zero (in the climbing left hand
turn) and they rolled upside down.  Oops.

He keeps his hands on the throttles near the ground :)

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