Re: Airbus yoke vs Sidestick

From: (Jens Fallesen)
Organization: DKnet
Date:         07 Jul 95 14:26:27 
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In article <> (Jean-Francois Mezei)

>The 300 had the "traditional/mechanical" cockpit.
>The 310 had the steering columns, and what seems to be a sidestick, and had
>		some CRTs.
>The 320 has	CRTs and electronic components and no steering column/yoke.
>So, these planes are all different from one another. Only the 320 and 340
>supposedly have the same interface.

As of now, the 300/310 are different from the rest, but the 319 and up
all have the same cockpit and instrument design (the 340 with a slight
difference due to the two extra engines).

Actually, the commonality means that pilots certified for any 319+
aircraft is automatically certified for any other, the 340 requiring a
short 4-engine course.

I also think I read in Flight International that Airbus are planning
to make FBW versions of 300 and 310 compatible with the rest.

Surely a very good competitive advantage for Airbus when supplying
airlines with different sized aircraft in their fleets.

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