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Date:         07 Jul 95 14:26:23 
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                               MEETING FUTURE CHALLENGES

                        Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  November 21 - 23,1995

                        CALL FOR PAPERS

      General  Scope

          The Theme of the conference is "Meeting Future Challenges".
      The conference is intended to bring together scholars and
      proctitioners with interest in the airline industry to exchange
      ideas, experience, and research, from three different
      perspectives Management, Marketing, and Aviation
          In addition, an exhibition by major aircraft manufacturers,
      suppliers & vendors wi11 be held in parallel with the
      conference to display state-of-the art technology.

      Track 1           Marketing Strategies and Practices in

                        the Airline Industry:

                        Current and Future Trends

          This track seeks papers pertaining to the current trends in
      marketing strategies and practice in the airline industry.
      Topics include, but are not limited to Application  of Advance
      Technology on Customer Services Strategies, The Effect of
      Marketing Activities on Consumer's Travel Related Attitudes
      and Behaviour, Global Competitive Strategy and Strategic
      Alliances, The Global Marketing Mix, Segmentation and
      Target Marketing, and Benchmarking.
          The track also seeks papers on more mainstream topics
      such as Marketing Strategy and Management (Product and
      Brand Management Pricing), Sales management, and
      Marketing channels (channel management, channel
      member relations and channel technology).

      Track 2           Advances in Aviation and

                        Aerospace Technology

          Papers invited for presentation in this track are expected
      to discuss state-of-the-art technological advances in the
      aviation and aerospace field.  Discussion on advances in use
      of information technology (IT), instruments, and equipment
      that lead to a safe, secure, and economical flight are invited.
      Suggested topics include but not limited to Navigation
      systems, Networking and Communications, Advances in
      Materials Sciences, Maintenance, Mega Planes etc.

      Track 3         Global Management

                      and its Changing Roles

                      in the Airline Industry

     Papers in this track will  discuss  the  global  management
     issues and  techniques  that  lead  to  efficient  and  effective
     organizations  in  a  competitive  and   dynamic   environment.
     Papers are invited on topics including, but  not  limited  to,  the
     following:  Business  Processes  Re-engineering,  Changes   and
     Development,    Globalisation of Management, Management
     of Diversity, Total Quality Management and other
     Management     systems,     Human     Resources      Management,
     Service Management and Privatisation.

     Submission of Papers

     Prospective authors should send a letter of intent and return
     the attached form by July 31, 1995.  Four  copies  of  extended
     summery in Arabic or Erglish not exceeding  1000  words  must
     be  submitted  by   September 15,1995.   The   author(s)   must
     clearly indicate the area of the paper.  Notification of
     acceptance wil be mailed by September 30,1995.
     Accepted  manuscripts  will  be  published  n  the   Conference
     Proceedings.  Authors  must  submit  by  October  31,  1995,  a
     camera-ready ful paper in English (A4  size)  in  single  space
     single-column format. Authors should leave 2.5  cms  (1.0  inch)
     left/right side margin ond 3.0  cms  (1.25  inches)  top/bottom
     margin.  The presenters Bio-Data is also required for
     introduction  purposes.  Authors  of  accepted  papers  will  be
     provided round trip air transportation from their domicile city
     to  Jeddah,  as  well  as  boarding  and   accommodation. The
     conference  wil  be  held  at  Jeddah,  Saudi  Arabia,   between
     November  21-23,1995.  Assistance  will  also   be   provided   in
     obtaining visas for Saudi Arabia.

     Please make  submissions  and  address  all  correspondence  to:

     Mr. Zain  Ameen,
     Vice President - Marketing Services
     Technical Programme Chairperson.
     SAUDIA, P.0 Box 167, Jeddah 21231, Saudi Arabia.
     Phone: +966(2)686-2313 Fax: +966(2)686-4475 SITA Telex: JEDKGSV

                       IMPORTANT DATES

       31 July 1995        Submission of Author's Intent Form
       15 September 1995   Submission of 1000 word summary
       30 September 1995   Notification of Acceptance
       31 October 1995     Submission of full paper

      Please Fax or Mail this form no later than 31st July

                             Author's Intent Form

                            MEETING FUTURE CHALLENGES
                        Jeddah,Saudi Arabia November2l-23,1995

  Name                             Telephone                 Fax
                                   Home                      Home
                                   Office                    Office

  Address                          City                      Zip Code

  Country                          Email

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