Re: CRJ and London City Airport

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Date:         07 Jul 95 14:26:20 
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In article <airliners.1995.950@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Robert Ashcroft) writes:
>I read recently that Fokker is trying to get the F70/100 certified
>for London City Airport (I think the issue is a steep glide slope).
>Does anyone know if the Bombardier/Canadair CRJ can do London City
>Airport successfully?  Considering that in some way it's just a big
>biz-jet, and considering the clientele that LCY tries to attract,
>you'd figure this would be a good match.

Two major factors affect ops. at LCY. A steep approach is mandatory
not because of obstructions but due to the noise abatement agreement
under which planning permission was originally granted.
Secondly, the runway is relatively short with no overrun at all. It
was expected to handle DHC Dash-7s only and although extended since,
would require additional land or landfill for future development.

The BAe 146 (which is certified) and the Fokkers have airbrakes on
the rear fuselage. I think it is this feature which gives them the
ability to meet the LCY profile. Bombardier RJ does not have them (?).

LCY was never intended for private jets, even if they were capable of
using it. The only facilities are the 6 terminal gates, and there is
no room for any expansion. There isn't even room to park on the ramp.

Brian Maddison (