Re: Future airliners

From: (Psagdeo)
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Date:         07 Jul 95 03:25:07 
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Even the most optimistic performance will result in a weight greater than
1.5 million pounds if the range is anywhere near 7,000 n.m. and the
passenger load is above 800.  The keyword is optimistic.  We can always
come up with the weights we want if we tweak the aerodynamics and
propulsion of the aircraft.

The premise that the aircraft is primarily for trans-Pacific routes is
questionable.  Granted that there is sufficient traffic out of LAX and a
larger aircraft could be used.  However, there is a greater need for a
HSCT on those routes than a VLA to reduce flight times.  The ranges of
3,500 to 5,000 n.m. will serve most trans-Altantic, European, Asian and
Pacific rim routes well.  Few of the routes in these areas require a range
greater than 5,000 n.m.  Superjumbos with  almost global range may be
technologically feasible, but well-nigh impossible in every other respect.

I was a proponent of VLA for a long time.  After working through a number
of conceptual designs, I am beginning to see Boeng's wisdom of going slow
on such and enormous project.

Pradip Sagdeo