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  or MIME structure (George Swetnam) shaped the electrons to say:
>Perhaps I'm walking into the most frequently asked FAQ in the group, but
>it occurred to me that 717 is the only model number in the series
>that I haven't heard of Boeing using for an airliner.  Did Boeing ever
>work on a model by this type, or did 717 get skipped for some cultural

B717 was originally used on a 707 variant, that became the B720 (a
shortened B707), and was reassigned to the KC-135 series.  The
C-135, KC-135, RC-135, EC-135, etc, etc is the Boeing model 717.  Despite
looking very much like a 707, it has a thinner fuselage as originally
intended for the 707 - it was widened when the DC-8 was announced and
it had a wider body.  The C-137 (VC-137 usually) and E-3 Sentry (AWACS),
E-6 TACAMO, and E-8 J-STARS are all based on a 707 body.  There are
many common parts, but I'm not sure of the exact percentage.

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