Re: Boeing 717?

From: (John Liebson)
Organization: ISFSI
Date:         07 Jul 95 03:25:06 
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  or MIME structure (George Swetnam) wrote:

>Perhaps I'm walking into the most frequently asked FAQ in the group, but
>it occurred to me that 717 is the only model number in the series


>that I haven't heard of Boeing using for an airliner.  Did Boeing ever
>work on a model by this type, or did 717 get skipped for some cultural

"The first order for Boeing jet transports was placed by the USAF for
tanker-transport versions. These were initially identified by Boeing
as Model 717 and were publicised as the Stratotanker."

Bowers, _Boeing Aircraft Since 1916,_ page 463

First twenty-nine KC-135As were assigned Boeing model designation
717-100A,  followed by 717-146 and -148; also C135 A Stratolifters
were 717-157s, KC-135Bs were -166s, and C-135Fs were -164s.

Now, one _might_ say that military culture is a wee bit different from
that of commercial airliners.....