Re: Boeing 717?

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Date:         07 Jul 95 03:25:05 
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The Boeing 717 is the model number applied to the C-135 family of USAF
tankers and transports.  It was originally intended to use common jigs
and tooling for the 707 and 717 (KC-135), but Douglas put an end to that
idea when they announced their (paper) DC-8 with six abreast seating.
That forced Boeing to add the now famous double bubble to the 707
fuselage to accommodate 6 abreast seats.  By changing the fuselage cross
section, the 707 and 717 could not be built on the same jigs.

The basic wing structure of the first 707-120 and 200 (and 720) models
was nearly identical to the KC-135, btw.


Jennings Heilig