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>Later procurements of the KC/C-135 were designated 717-146 and 717-148.

That seems unlikely -- the model numbers of all Boeing jetlines
include a customer code that identifies who the aircraft was built
for.  A 717-146 model indicates the aircraft was built for Japan Air
Lines (JAL), while a 717-148 would have been for Aer Lingus.

Customer code 26 (i.e., 717-126) is listed as being a 707-era code
for MATS, part of the USAF and a transport unit, I think.  Perhaps
that's what you're thinking of?  The only other USAF customer codes
are 53 (for the VC-137, include the 707-353B incarnation of Presiden-
tial transport more commonly known as Air Force One) and G4 (for the
VC-25A, the current 747-2G4B Presidential aircraft).

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