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From: (Ed Hahn)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Va.
Date:         01 Feb 95 02:16:20 
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In article <airliners.1995.85@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Katie Schwarz) writes:

   I read a story set in the present where someone takes a Lockheed
   Constellation from London to New York. This is a huge anachronism,
   right? How long has it been since any Constellations were in service?
   (In the current issue of Airliners magazine there's an article on a
   midair collision between a Constellation and a DC-8 in 1960, which says
   "Subsequent to TWA placing 707s into service, the Connies were
   relegated to less prestigious routes such as Columbus to New York.")

Regarding TWA's use of Constellations over the North Atlantic, they
stopped flying the 1049 Super G model over the Atlantic by about 1962.
I believe that the 1649 model may have been used after that, but there
were few of these built.  TWA flew the last Connie pax flight on April
6, 1967.

The last scheduled passenger Connie flight on a US airline was Western
Airlines from Juneau to Fairbanks, Alaska, on 11/26/68.

Given the superior performance of jets, I doubt any survived past the
late 60's on any passenger transatlantic route by any airline.

The above information is from:  Stringfellow & Bowers,
_The_Lockheed_Constellation_, Motorbooks International, Osceola, WI,