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>What about the sonic boom? I thought most countries banned Concorde from
>going supersonic over land, and this severely restricts viable routes.

I saw some requirements from JAL a few years ago for the HSCT, using
three different routes for NRT-JFK.  The first was entirely over water
and added well over 2,000 miles to the route a subsonic flight would
normally take.  While this added an hour or more to the flight, the
biggest impact was the additional range required.  (JAL was saying it
had to be able to serve that market non-stop, regardless of route.)

The first alternate assumed a waiver for supersonic operation over
lightly populated parts of eastern Siberia, instead of staying off-
shore and going through the Baring Strait.  This saved considerable
distance, but still required a dodge of eastern Canada.  The other
alternative included waivers for both Siberia and Canada, with a
route that minimized supersonic overflight of populated parts of
Canada by flying over Hudson Bay then quickly cutting over to the

For that route, at least, the manufacturers have a tradeoff.  They
can avoid the sonic boom issue, but they must add substantial range
(and/or reduce payload) to do so.

Many other interesting routes would be entirely overwater (mainly the
Pacific, but also the Atlantic, including those routes which currently
have Concorde service) and the plane could probably be justified just
by those routes.  That does leave out some prime candidates, though,
such as Europe to S.E. Asia.  Possibly LHR-SYD, too, though it may be
easy enough to fly that with an overwater route that doesn't add much
to the distance.  (Damn, I need to buy the globe!)

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