Re: Lufthansa Chair sees no superjumbos

From: (Robert Eves)
Date:         07 Jul 95 03:25:00 
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In article <airliners.1995.947@ohare.Chicago.COM>
  "Michael T. Palmer" writes:
 > [ SST]
 > The environmental issues were tackled first, and have been addressed
 > by new designs for extremely low-emission engines.  Discussions about
 > the expected real-world performance of some of these designs have been
 > discussed in the trade press (e.g., Aerospace America, Aviation Week).
 > A lot of work went into this... don't brush it off without finding out
 > the facts.

What about the sonic boom? I thought most countries banned Concorde from
going supersonic over land, and this severely restricts viable routes.

Robert Eves