Re: Cabin Noise on UA 777

From:         richard@RMIT.EDU.AU (Richard A. Muirden)
Organization: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
Date:         07 Jul 95 03:24:59 
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"Jan P. Andrews" <> writes:
>A audio engineer colleague just returned from a trip to our Chicago
>bureau.  He flew a UA 777 from O'Hare to, I believe, Dulles.

>My colleague commented that the 777's cabin was interesting, the seats
>comfortable and the mini video screen entertaining.  He was made very
>uncomfortable, however, by what he said was a loud approx. 7.5-KHz
>acoustic "whine" that he believed originated in the ventilation system.

Interesting. I heard nothing like this on the (first) flight I
was on. Perhaps it has developed in a few short weeks of use :-\

I thought the plane was among the most quiet I had been on - which
is saying something considering the size of those engines!


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