Head Up Display

From:         robmark@nwu.edu (Robert Mark)
Date:         07 Jul 95 03:24:58 
Organization: Northwestern University Transportation Center
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I am currently writing a case study about the Head Up Display -- HUD --
like the ones Flight Dynamics is installing in most of Southwest's 737s.

But rather than simply learning more about how the technology works, I'm
interested in HOW the technology became successful. What barriers have
emerged to the development of a practical HUD? How have manufacturers like
FD overcome these problems? What kind of lessons have been learned during
the design and implementation of this technology that might transfer to
other forms of technology as well. How does an airline make the business
decision as to whether or not a HUD is viable for them?

I'm in the market for your perspective or resources you can lead me to who
might be able to fill in some of these gaps. Since this is an ongoing
project, feel free to e-mail me at any point with information that might
happen to come to mind.

Thanks in advance for your help