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From: (Psagdeo)
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Date:         01 Jul 95 02:24:43 
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While that is certainly true, I believe that the aircraft MGTOW is in the
range of 1.5 to 2.0 million pounds range as a result of a very long range
presumed to be needed by these aircraft. I have seen calculations for up
to 7,000 n.m.  I personally believe that it is totally unnecessary to
impose such a range requirement on these aircraft.  My best estimate is
that the range should be limited to 3,500 to 5,000 n.m.  This will reduce
the fuel load required substantially, and, along with the use of modern
flow control technologies, such as, LFC, and more efficient structural
design, the aircraft take-off weight can be limited to about 1.2 milllion
pounds.  The LAX manager is on record saying that the airport can handle
aircraft up to 1.3 million pounds.  A look at the globe shows that it is
these 3,500 n.m. to 5,000 n.m, routes that will have the greatest need for
such aircraft.  I would appreciate any thoughts on these.

Pradip Sagdeo