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Date:         01 Jul 95 02:24:41 
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In article <airliners.1995.925@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Jean-Francois Mezei) writes:
>Seriously though, a picture, purpotedly on an Airbus 320 cockpit, shows some
>contraption that looks awfully similar to your description of the "control
>column with the Y yoke". As well, I can see (not clearly) what looks like that
>sidestick on the side of of the chair.

You might have seen a picture of the A300 FBW technology demonnstrator, which
had a stick, as well as a control column for emergency backup.  This airplane
was flown at the Paris Air Show a few years ago.

>Could the 320 have both ?

No.  Standardization is the airplane's major selling point, and sidesticks
are an *integral* component of the flight deck design.

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