Boeing 717?

From: (George Swetnam)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation
Date:         01 Jul 95 02:24:41 
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Perhaps I'm walking into the most frequently asked FAQ in the group, but
it occurred to me that 717 is the only model number in the series


that I haven't heard of Boeing using for an airliner.  Did Boeing ever
work on a model by this type, or did 717 get skipped for some cultural

(When I was at Bell Labs in the 60's, I was interested to learn why Bell
developed a No 1. Electronic Switching System, a No 2 ESS (which never
made it to market) and then a No 5 ESS.  Turned out there were reasons why
the numbers 3 and 4 weren't used for class 5 (local) switches.  No 4 was
reserved for long-distance offices, the connotation being that 4-wire
switching was used, and the number 3 had "always" been associated with
manual switchboards.)