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>What is undesireable about the Rolls Royce engines?

It's not so much that the RR engines are undesireable as that a 767
equipped with them is rather an oddball, which as another poster
points out tends to increase maintenance and spares costs, making
for a less desireable aircraft.

As for the engines themselves, the RB.211 is a very respectable
engine.  It's worth noting that RR has been the clear winner on the
757, with about two-thirds of the 757s having RR RB.211 engines (the
remainder have P&W PW2000s).  Counting by customers, RR is probably
even further ahead, since a few big customers (Delta, United, and
Northwest) account for most of the PW2000 installations.  Notable,
United Parcel Service started with the PW2000 but has switched to
RR for later 757 orders.

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