From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
Organization: DECUServe
Date:         30 Jun 95 03:47:16 
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> A control column is that big heavy thing with the "Y" yoke on top, that
> is situated between each pilot's legs.
> A sidestick is a small handgrip situated on each sidewall of the airplane.

I prefer the term "sidestick". I had visions of a "joystick" the size of a
video game's in front of the pilot :-)

Seriously though, a picture, purpotedly on an Airbus 320 cockpit, shows some
contraption that looks awfully similar to your description of the "control
column with the Y yoke". As well, I can see (not clearly) what looks like that
sidestick on the side of of the chair.

Could the 320 have both ? Or are those steering columns there only for the show
? If it has both, under what circumstances would a pilot use one over the other