From:         "Rodney Boykin" <>
Date:         30 Jun 95 03:47:15 
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Not being a pilot, I simply decided how I would feel about being
in my car at night with no headlights showing me where I am going.

In the Airbus configuration, I do not know the position of the gas,
clutch, and brake, nor do I know the relation ship between the
steering wheel and the front wheels without reading all the guages
in front of me.

In the Boeing configuration, each control is telling me exactly where it
is at any given moment.

Then I imagine a cow walking into the road.  Which one would you rather
slam on the brakes in?  Remember what happens to a car when the wheels
are turned and the brakes are applied forcefully.

I'd pick the Boeing any day.  All I have to do is grab the wheel, correct
any steering and slam on the brakes.  In the Airbus, I have to read the
status of each system and then apply the appropriate corrections, but the
steak is already on the grill.

Rodney Boykin