From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         30 Jun 95 03:47:12 
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A recent mailing on this list stated:-

>  If the information given to the computer
> is wrong, then problems occur (eg: crash of 320 in France
> where computer aborted a take-off even though the plan was
> already in air because its altimeter "value" was still at 0).

I have studied all of the four fatal crashes of the A320 (Habsheim,
Bangalore, Strasbourg, and Warsaw) in some depth. I can state quite
categorically that no *fatal* crash of an A320 due a computer aborted
take-off has ever occurred. If a lesser incident has happened due to
such a cause, I would be most interested to hear about it, but I would
be extremely surprised if anything serious enough to be described as a
"crash" has ever happened without being widely reported.

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