Re: Embraer 145

Organization: BC Systems Corporation
Date:         30 Jun 95 03:47:11 
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In article <airliners.1995.874@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Peter Zadrozny) writes:

>Anyone has information and/or comments on the new jet from Embraer,
>the EMB-145?

The EMB145 is a 50-pax regional jet, very similar in size and layout to
the Bombardier (Canadair) RJ. Comparing figures for the two, the RJ is
slightly faster and has greater range while the EMB145 *promises* lower
acquisition and operating costs.

As for market prospects, time will tell. But with only four firm orders
(AFAIK, and I don't count letters of intent or options) it does not look
good at this time. The RJ has been available for two years, and its sales
have not been what you would call brisk. I personally doubt that there is
sufficient demand (yet?) for two competitors in this segment.

But then I didn't think the A340 would sell either.

BTW, the EMB145 first flight was due this month. Anyone know if it has
flown ?

 Brian                  (my employers have their own opinions)