How much stretch is left in the 747?

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Date:         30 Jun 95 03:47:10 
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Re the discussion on superjumbos, I think the question came up once
before regarding a stretched 747.  I'm not an engineer, but am familiar
somewhat with what goes into a "simple" stretch.  I seem to remember
reading (in AW&ST?) that the 747-400 couldn't simply be stretched without
a totally new wing.  DOes anyone have any firm grip on this?  I'm sure
they could probably to an upper deck stretch to some extent without a new
wing, but that wouldn't gain a huge number of seats.
	Can the fuselage really be stretched an appreciable amount and
still fly on the same wing?  And how does the growth in weight associated
with such a stretch affect the footprint of the airplane on the ground?
We obviously have the engine technology to go along with such a stretch
(GE90 powered 747s?), but could the old wing take an engine in the 70,000
lb thrust class?
	Any view on this would be appreciated...

Jennings Heilig

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