Re: Near miss Australia

From: (David A. Domino)
Organization: MITRE Corporation
Date:         30 Jun 95 03:47:07 
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(TriStar500) wrote:
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> Also, for a RA to be issued, both aircraft must be equipped with a Mode S
> transponder, a special version of TPNDR designed to work with TCAS. If the
> other aircraft only has a Mode C TPNDR then TCAS can only issure a TA.

Regarding the last paragraph, TCAS II will issue an RA against any
altitude reporting transponder equipped aircraft, not just Mode S
equipment. Coordinated RA manuevers (e.g. one system posts a climb RA, the
other a descent RA) are only possible with both encounter aircraft
equipped with TCAS II. My most recent RA experience was against a VFR
light twin.