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>The 777-300 is longer than the 744 and can seat a comparable number
>of passengers yet it has a lower price.

The 777-300's seat count is closer to a 747-100 than a -400 -- United
puts 292 on a 777-200, 393 on a 747-100, and up to 418 on a 747-400.
A 777-300 is a 30 ft stretch, so with a comparable seating mix they
might add another 50-60 seats.

There's also the little matter of range.  The 777-300 is supposed to
have a range of about 5,700 miles, a bit further than the -200, but
still several thousand miles less than a 747-400.

>My guess is that the launches of the new 747-500/600 stretches are
>imminent.  What do you think?

Imminent?  I doubt it.  Industry interest in a super-jumbo has died
down (British Airways and Singapore were the only really strong
proponents of the idea anyway), and interest in larger aircraft in
general has died down.  It appears that the excitement has switched
to longer range, like the A340-8000, 777-100, and MD-11LR.  I would
expect to see the 777-100 as Boeing's next step.

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