Boeing's Plans

From: (Thornton Shepherd)
Organization: BUMCH
Date:         30 Jun 95 03:47:06 
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I am trying to figure out what Boeing is planning as a short-term strategy.
Now that it has announced the launch of the 777-300 at the Paris Air
Show, won't the company jeopardize sales of it's 747-400?  The 777-300
is longer than the 744 and can seat a comparable number of passengers
yet it has a lower price.  In making this announcement, is the BOEING Co.
indicating that it will soon be moving upmarket (size-wise) with the 747?
I think that designing and building a new Ultra-jumbo would take far too
long for Boeing to offer the  two similar aircraft (777 and 747).  My guess
is that the launches of the new 747-500/600 stretches are imminent.  What
do you think?