Re: passenger stairs in aircraft tail

From: (Eric Olesen)
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Date:         27 Jun 95 01:43:15 
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Martin Fiddler ( wrote:
: Certain aircraft - the DC9 / MD80 family, and the british BAC-111, have
: stairs that lower from beneath the tail.   Obviously these are very useful
: at remote airfields, as portable stairs are not needed for the passengers
: to enter and exit.  Possibly there are other aircraft with the same
: facility too.

Well, the more obvious one was the 727, which started it all. Not sure why.

: from the rear pressure bulkhead aspect, but that doesn't explain why, say,
: the B737 doesn't have them but the DC9 does.

But the B737 -did- come with a door-mounted stairway: in the forward
door, the stairs are stowed beneath the cabin floor, and in the rear,
they fold up inside the cabin (hund from the doorframe itself).

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