Boeing certifies new Air Traffic Management System

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Date:         27 Jun 95 01:43:13 
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On June 20, 1995, the FAA granted certification to the
Future Air Navigation System (FANS) for the 747-400.  The
enhancements contained in this upgrade package enable:

  o Two way data link communication between aircraft and
    air traffic control authorities
  o Data link between airline flight planning systems and
    the airplane
  o GPS Primary navigation (enroute and approach down to
    250ft Minimum Decision altitude)
  o Required Time of Arrival - time constraint on waypoint
  o Automatic Dependent Surveillance - automatic datalink of
    aircraft position and intent to ATC authorities.

These functions, in conjuction with modification to ground systems,
will allow these operators to save considerable money through the
introduction of "FANS 1 only" routes with reduced separation and
improved dynamic routing.  Initial routes will be initiated in the
South Pacific, but FANS 1 airlines are aggressively initiating routes
for North Pacific and Asia/Europe.  There are currently 13 FANS 1
airlines which will have approximately 160 operating FANS 747-400s.

On June 21st, QANTAS performed a inaugural flight from Sydney to LAX.
regular HF contact with the FIRs was maintained, but the clearances
were "shadowed" with the FANS systems (along with ADS contracts).
Communication was made with Australia, New Zealand, and the FAA; the
flight was a huge success.  It should be recognized that FANS 1 is not
merely a modification to the airplane system; but a dramatic change to the

entire Air Traffic Management System including airplane, satellite,
ground network, and ground end system integration.  This modification is
the first step in the much needed Air Traffic Management System

The 777 will have FANS 1 functions as basic with the Market B aircraft
scheduled for late 1996.  Boeing is currently studying the
implementation for FANS on the 737/757/767.

David Allen
Boeing Flight Management Systems
Opinions are mine and not Boeing's