Re: New Aircraft: what's cooking?

From:         Don Stokes <>
Organization: Victoria University of Wellington
Date:         27 Jun 95 01:43:11 
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>The time taken to load and unload the pax. can be reduced by better
>ground facilities. All airliners have at least two useable doors, but
>virtually all gates have just a single jetway.
>On the rare occasions I have arrived at a -dual- gate, the improvement
>has been dramatic. Once you have convinced half the folks they have to
>turn round to get off, that is.

I've never seen a gate where the airliner is loaded from both sides, but
I have seen 747s loaded / unloaded using both forward left hand doors;
once 1st & business class are unloaded, sardine class is unloaded by
sending the left hand aisle out the second door and the right hand aisle
out the front.  This nicely sorts out the bottleneck where the two
aisles merge into one when there is only one exit.

As for loading the plane, it always seemed to me that the main
bottleneck is people standing in the aisles when others need to move
toward the rear of the plane, rather than the actual access into the

In my experience, loading by calling groups of rows from rear to front
doesn't make a great deal of difference to the loading time.  It seems
to me that loading a larger plane than a 747 at the same speed could only
be achieved by spreading the sardine class load forward so that jetways
can be placed at the door closest to the wing root and pax loaded from
the jetway both forward and aft, thus reducing ther number of pax per
aisle.  That means moving the snob classes upstairs out of the way of
the cattle deck downstairs.

Loading is much slower than unloading since (a) when unloading people
usually have sorted their gear out before the jetway is in place and the
doors opened, and (b) because there are always some twits who've gone
walkabout when the boarding call is issued.  Maybe attaching locator
beacons to boarding passes would be a good idea... 8-)

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