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>I am interested in knowing the seating configuration of the 777.  The ads
>seem to "slip over" that one... (in coach, that is...)

On United (your only choice for a 777 at the moment), seating is 2-2-2
in F (12 seats), 2-3-2 in Connoisseur (49 seats), and 2-5-2 in coach
(231 seats), for a total of 292 seats.  That's the same coach config
as a DC-10 but with a fuselage that's two feet wider there's quite a
bit more room.  Also, coach seats in Zone B (rows 16-28) have a 33"
pitch, whereas those in Zone C (rows 30-43, behind doors 3L/3R) have
the more typical 31" pitch.  Bulkhead seats also have the pop-up video
screens like F and C class, whereas in the rest of coach you get a
screen in the back of the seat in front of you.

I've seen a few gripes because F and C class are the same config as a
747, but with a fuselage that's a foot narrower, hence slightly less
width.  Pitch is considerably greater, at least in C (a last-minute
change by United), and personally I found C seating on the 777 to be
nearly as nice as F class on a 747.  (I had 8J -- bulkhead window --
on the first DEN-ORD flight.)

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